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The Hill Times, both the Monday and Wednesday Editions, is an insider's most eagerly-awaited independent newsweeklies. We are the voice of Canadian politics.

The Hill Times has a unique and distinct readership: federal legislators who shape national policy and annual federal spending.

The core readers of The Hill Times are federal and provincial politicians, bureaucrats, media, opinion leaders and official Ottawa as well as, boards, agencies, associations, lawyers, lobbyists, corporate decision-makers, and educators.

The Hill Times increasingly has more and more readers across the country who influence and shape public opinion.

In addition, The Hill Times targets a further readership group including the foreign diplomatic, trade, and consular communities across Canada and around the world and is increasingly being read by selected corporate officers, a variety of NGOs, and officials at the European Union.

Our influential readers determine Canada's employment and environmental standards. They research, advise, pass, and enforce federal regulations and bills and by doing so profoundly affect all Canadians.

As an advertiser, The Hill Times allows you a proven and effective vehicle to reach into the most powerful readership in Canada.

Readers of The Hill Times and Embassy are Educated, Experienced, Bilingual and Motivated Professionals

  •  34% of our readers have an undergraduate degree
  •  41% have a graduate degree
  •  7% have a PhD

They are continuously upgrading their skills.

  •  91% have completed professional development courses within the past 5 years


They are experienced.

  •  59% describe their current position as either professional or management


*Pollara Readership Survey 2007

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